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Lenzie Ironing suits on hangers

Convenient ironing services in Glasgow

Enjoy a fast and effective service in Lenzie and throughout the Glasgow area, thanks to the team at Lenzie Ironing.

Lenzie Ironing Purple iron and yellow shirt

Ironing doesn't have to be a chore

Ironing is a task that many of us would rather not have to do. Lenzie Ironing can take care of all your ironing needs, allowing you to enjoy your day or focus on other things. Our services are ideal for both one-off needs, and customers looking for a team to handle their ironing on an ongoing basis.

We are proud to offer a complete end-to-end package, and are committed to offering an unbeatable service in the Glasgow area. Our tailored ironing services are available to both households and local businesses, and we are happy to iron clothing, bedding, table cloths and other items.

How it works

Lenzie Ironing Folding Ironed Clothes

Arrange a time for collection

Our team starts by arranging a suitable time for us to pick up your items. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and happy to collect at a time that suits you.

We'll arrive at the agreed time to collect your items. Our collection services are free, saving you money on your total order.

Get in touch to discuss your availability for pick-up and delivery, then relax and leave the arduous work to us.

In-house ironing

All ironing is handled by our in-house team. We'll ensure your clothing, bedding and other items are perfectly prepared. We ensure all manufacturer guidelines are followed to prevent burning or damage to your items.

Items of clothing can be placed on hangers with garment guards and clear protective covers, helping you to identify them in your wardrobe and to keep them protected.

Bedding and table linens are carefully presented in laundry bags.

Lenzie Ironing Folded blue shirts
Lenzie Ironing Purple shirt and iron

Returning your items

When we're done we'll let you know, so that a suitable delivery time can be agreed. We will then drop off your immaculately ironed items for no additional cost!

Lenzie Ironing works with the busy family, workaholic, social butterfly, if you don't like ironing or don't have the time. 

We are just the solution for you. We can give you back valuable time to dwell on things of choice other than necessary ironing.

Get in touch today.

Our prices

Minimum order £18

Number of items


  up to 20 = £18 

 up to 30 = £22

 up to 40 = £27 

 up to 50 = £32 

 up to 60 = £37 

 up to 70 = £42 

up to 80 = £47

 up to 90 = £52 

up to100=£57 

(Children 2 items for price of 1)

(Shirt = 2 items)

Bedding (count as items)


Single duvet cover or sheet = 4 items

Double duvet cover or sheet = 5 items

King duvet cover or sheet = 6 items

Lenzie Ironing Folded White Sheets

Arrange a free collection in the Glasgow area

Book your ironing services with the team at Lenzie Ironing. Call now on 07810 620355

Thanks for submitting! We’ll send you a price quote soon.

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